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Automotive window tint is a must for anyone who cares about their car. It improves aesthetics, protects your interior, and provides a layer of protection from shattered glass. If you want your car tinted, look no further. Film Tek provides you with the most professional and highest quality installation in the triad area. We have been around since 1985 - and have taken our 32 years to perfect the art of window tinting. We know window tinting better than anyone, and we are an authorized 3M dealer. We have the best window tint on the market, the best installers in the area, and the best customer service you will find anywhere. 



3M's FX Premium is our most popular automotive window tint. It is everything you would expect in a window tint - and is the lowest priced. 3M FX Premium is the back bone of 3M Automotive window film. When you purchase 3M FX Premium window tint you get:


  • A standard LIFETIME warranty

  • Protection up to 690 SPF

  • Up to 45% total solar energy rejection

  • Up to 99% UV rejection

  • Up to 93% glare reduction

  • Up to 95% visible light rejection

  • A stress-free installation from the best in the business


3M Color Stable window tint is our medium grade window tint. Color Stable is more powerful than FX Premium, but does not provide the aesthetic appeal of Crystalline. Color Stable is a great medium between FX Premium and Crystalline. Color Stable will get you:



  • A standard LIFETIME warranty

  • Protection of up to 1000 SPF

  • Up to 57% total solar energy rejection

  • Up to 99% UV rejection

  • Up to 90% glare reduction

  • Up to 95% visible light rejection

  • A stress-free install from the best in the business


3M Crystalline is the most powerful automotive window tint technology on the market - anywhere. Utilizing the same nanotechnology as 3M's Prestige Series, 3M Crystalline performs profoundly while keeping a cleaner and more natural look. 3M Crystalline window tint provides:

  • A standard LIFETIME warranty

  • Protection of over 1000 SPF

  • Up to 60% total solar energy rejection

  • Up to 97% infrared rejection

  • 99.9% UV Rejection 

  • All while keeping up to 90% visible light transmission

  • A stress-free installation from the best in the business


3M Graphic's Vinyl Wraps are one of the coolest things we have ever seen come out, if not the coolest. You can wrap your entire car in these things, for a complete color change, and choose from hundreds of colors and styles including matte colors, gloss colors, carbon fiber, and many more. These wraps will protect the paint underneath them, and can be removed anytime you'd like - so if you happen to decide to sell your car, you can have the wrap taken right back off and have your original paint job. That will significantly boost your resale value. 3M 1080 vinyl wraps are covered under warranty by 3M for 5 years. With a warranty like that, you can be sure the vinyl is of the highest quality available. Come by our shop to view all the different wraps!


Paint Protection Films are thermoplastic urethane films that can cover all of or part of your car and protect your paint from wear and tear experienced in your every day driving. Paint protection films are transparent in appearance yet give your car a shine like you just bought it. Paint Protection Films are a great investment for your car and will help you keep your resale value as high as possible while keeping your car looking great.

Tinted my BMW. Turned out great was quick and at a good price! Thanks

Jonathan Cole

"Tinted several of my vehicles. Always turned out great, and never had any issues with the 3M tint. Very reasonable price, with outstanding workmanship. They have earned my business for a lifetime!!!"

Justin Surratt

"I had these guys tint my sisters car and they exceeded my expectations! I recommend them to all my clients. He's also done 2 other employees cars with a perfect turn around time!"

Shawn D

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Providing professional window tinting services to High Point, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Kernersville, Lexington, Archdale, Thomasville, High Rock Lake - and more - since 1985. For questions or concerns, or anything at all, please give us a call - we are happy to help!


Members of/endorsed by: LEED, Energy Star, US Green Building Council, Skin Cancer Foundation, International Window Film Association, NC Home Builders Association, Greensboro Builders Association, High Point Chamber of Commerce, 3M.


788 C North Main Street, High Point, NC 27262, USA

(336) 884-3456

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