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Welcome to Film Tek, LLC!

Warm weather is just around the corner! Can you believe it? Beaches, pools, ice cream, sun-tans, SUMMER! We all cannot wait. But like any good thing, there's a catch. That beautiful sun that tans you and keeps you warm, can make your house just plain hot. That may sound nice while we're still in the winter months - but beware! That lack of comfort also comes at a price, namely your air conditioning bill as you AC unit tries to keep up. At Film Tek, this is the problem we solve. We keep excessive heat from coming through your windows, reduce glare, and protect your cherished furnishings from being damaged by the rays of the sun - and your skin, too. We help you stay comfortable during those ridiculously hot months and keep your energy bills reasonable. Stay ahead of summer with your local 3M window tinters!

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